Like all worthwhile journeys in life, the destination takes some work. That work is a collaboration between client and counsellor.

Counselling works when both the client and the counsellor are committed to the relationship and tackling the client’s goals together.  This can be over a short or a longer period of time. This journey begins the moment you, the client, get in touch. We go forward together looking at your needs and what you want to get from counselling.

Each journey is individual but it is common that the process can feel unsettling at times. This is natural as you are allowing yourself to explore and question things so that you can find ways forward that work better for you.

Clients frequently report experiencing counselling as a deeply enriching experience,  noting they emerge from the work with a deeper understanding of themselves, that they have identified new strengths and feel more able to make the changes in their life they want to see.

My role as your therapist is to support you in this process; I will be there by your side, supporting you to explore difficult feelings in a safe and accepting space.


Image Credit
By Joshua Earle. Licensed under Creative Commons 0.