Delivering training sessions, workshops and presentations

All sessions can be tailored to the needs of your group/organisation and are suitable for a variety of adult audiences. If you are looking for a session for young people please get in touch.

All sessions can be delivered either as a training session, workshop or a presentation. The duration of presentations is one hour and training and workshops are offered as either half or full day. Please contact directly for a quote and to discuss dates required.

Below are examples of sessions I can offer. These can be tailored to requirements:

LGBTQ+ Awareness

Through this workshop we will explore new understandings around gender and sexuality and the resulting implications for identity in society. We will explore contemporary experiences of LGBTQ+ people, through a consideration of past legal and societal gains and current activism in the face of the prevailing hostile political climate.

This session encourages us all to reflect on our own assumptions around gender and sexuality and consider how this may impact on the work we do. This session aims to develop practitioner’s skills, knowledge and confidence around gender and sexuality in order to support others effectively.


Same Day Response (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm)

Supporting young people around gender and sexual diversity (LGBTQ+).

Young people are naming their experiences and identifying their their gender and sexuality in expansive ways.

In order to support young people’s well-being, and decrease potential distress, it is important that practitioners possess knowledge and awareness of the terms young people are using and what they mean to them. How can we best support trans binary and non-binary young people? How might we provide inclusive sex and relationship education to LGBTQ+ young people? This workshop explores this and other vital questions. This session aims to improve the practitioner’s ability and confidence in supporting young people who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity or are asserting a gender or sexual identity that is not heterosexual and/or cisgender.

Relevant Qualifications & Experience


Same Day Response (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm)