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Counselling for Trauma & Abuse

Sometimes life throws up the unexpected and we can find ourselves struggling to deal with and move forward from these painful events. Whether an event from the past, an ongoing issue, or a something that happened suddenly, traumatic experiences can impact us in ways that make us feel stuck and unable to move forward. Our daily well-being may be affected by painful memories and accompanying feelings such as shock, sadness, anger, anxiety, stress, depression and confusion. For others, dissociation may be a prominent feature. Through therapy, I will help you to explore your feelings in a gentle, sensitive and informed way.

Traumatic events such as serious accidents, the sudden death of a loved one, or the personal experience of violence can be hard to overcome.

These traumatic events can be upsetting and distressing which some may find difficult to cope with.

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Same Day Response (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm)

If you are looking for counselling in any of the above areas related to trauma or needing support for struggles with abusive issues such as domestic violence (or violence in relationships), exploitation or substance misuse, please get in touch with me.

Our work together will move at a pace that feels right for you and safe for you.