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Counselling for LGBTQ+ People

The space I offer is welcoming of gender, sexual and relationship diversity (GSRD). This is an area I have specialist experience and qualifications including a Masters Degree in Gender, Sexuality and Culture.

Societal norms around gender sexuality and relationships can be oppressive for many, offering little room for movement and free expression. Sometimes people struggle with these pressures and this is a safe space in which to explore those tensions and get support from someone who understands.

I frequently provide counselling for the LGBTQ+ community. If you are LGBTQ+ or are currently questioning your gender identity, sexuality or relationship style, you will find a warm and accepting space here. It may be that you are struggling with your gender or sexuality and are looking for a safe space to explore your feelings, or that you just want to feel confident your counsellor is LGBTQ+ aware so that you can relax and feel safe to explore other issues.

I can support you in this through a gentle, warm and sensitive approach. I also offer this sensitivity and awareness to parents, carers and partners who are in the process of supporting someone in transitioning or coming out.

Relevant Qualifications & Experience


Same Day Response (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm)

You will see I have undertaken specialist training such as a Masters degree in Gender, Sexuality and Culture. Additionally, I have been awarded advanced accreditation by Pink Therapy who are the esteemed organisation recognising good practice around gender, sexuality and relationship diversity.

This sits alongside a great deal of experience supporting LGBTQ+ young people and adults both via community support and counselling sessions. I have extensive experience supporting people with a great variety of marginalised identities and experiences (eg, non-binary, bisexual, trans, Intersex, queer, polyamorous, kinky, disabled, asexual, as
well as sex workers). I always strive to keep my knowledge up to date through extensive reading, research, networking and writing so that I can be
the best counsellor for you.

I offer online/phone support to LGBTQ+ people and loved one’s across UK and internationally.

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