Support for Counsellors

Supervision for Practising Counsellors

For many of us regular supervision is a mandatory part of our profession. It ensures we work ethically, that we remain reflective and self-awareness practitioners and that we continue to develop both personally and professionally. For others, although optional, supervision can be extremely helpful, particularly when work stress is high and internal support resources are low.

Objectives of Supervision

Regular supervision can help you to:

– Develop your understanding of your work.

– Release the pressure of a heavy and complex workload.

– Help you identify solutions and new ways forward in challenging situations.

– Prioritise your workload.

– Form better working relationships.

– Increase your awareness of your skills and what you bring to your role.

– Ensure you feel supported in your work.

– Develop your confidence and self-esteem.

– Assist you in identifying your areas for development and in pursuing this development.

– Ensure you are working ethically and legally.


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What You Can Expect

In supervision with me you can expect a listening, confidential, non-judgmental ear.  You can anticipate support alongside guidance where appropriate.

My ethos is that we bring our best selves to our work when we have self awareness and employ reflective practice.

Feeling supported and understood helps to motivate and sustain us. As you will see from my extensive work and training history, I have worked across a wide variety of roles and bring this breadth of understanding to my role as a supervisor.

Relevant Qualifications & Experience

In addition, my work as a counsellor ensures I’m experienced in supporting a wide variety of personalities, from a large range of settings with a broad range of challenges.

Try a free initial session and see how supervision can support you.


Same Day Response (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm)