It’s been a busy couple of weeks training professionals in the area of gender and sexual diversity. Firstly, it was a privilege to work with Relate West Yorkshire in this area, particularly as Relate is the first stop for most people looking for support around a relationship. I was greatly enthused to hear how driven Relate are to ensure their support meets the needs of everyone and that their current focus is on gender diversity. It really was a pleasure to meet the team and hear all their ideas, given the wealth of experience in the room.

Next up were the professionals of Hull, a large gathering of those working with children and young people and wanting to do so to the best of their abilities. What a lively and engaged group they were! It was great to have such a mix of roles within the room and to hear people share their own learning in order to help others feel more confident. Some great discussions where had around topics such as: how to improve the experiences of education for all LGBT+ young people and how we can effectively support young people when they ‘come out’.  After these two dates, i’m left feeling inspired, encouraged and looking forward to more opportunities to work with others to make the world a more welcoming place for gender and sexual (and all other!) diversity.


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